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Block (King of the Mashmallows)


Block! (King of the Marshmallows)

[OmniLit] [Kindle] [Kindle UK] [Kindle DE] [Nook] [Smashwords]

Erin has never been secretive, but she’s starting to wonder; is it still keeping a secret if you just don’t tell anybody? What if nobody asks?

Could what Margret and her friends (or henchmen) are doing be Erin’s secret? Erin is being bullied at school. She hasn’t reported the abuse to anyone in charge, not her teachers, or her parents–she hasn’t even talked to her twin brother Tim about it. Erin believes her reasons for not discussing what’s going on are good. Or she did. She’s not so sure anymore.

The bullying has gone from insults to physical attacks that are getting dangerous. They’re bad enough that now Erin is scared to go to school. It’s stopped feeling like a safe place to be. Can what she’s learning in taekwondo help?

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